Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn Scarf

Scarf - almost done!

Scarf - finished!!!
I knit this scarf with a novelty yarn from Red Heart. It is called Boutique Ribbons and I used the color "Rosebud". It comes in seven different colors. I used the pattern and instructions on the inside of the label but there are more ways to make a scarf listed at Red Heart. Follow the link and see the other colors listed as well.

The yarn is available at AC Moore stores. Buy some and get started on an easy scarf for yourself or it would make a great gift.


Anonymous said...

I really love this style of scarf and I just learned to knit about three says ago and made a pretty sashay scarf. my question is how many skeins will it take to make this ribbon scarf, and How do I know what size needles to use for it? Thanks, your scarf if beautiful!

Wendy said...

Hi only need one skein to make a 60" scarf. I think I used size 8 needles. Check the inside of the yarn package for specific directions for the yarn you are using. Good luck!