Monday, April 2, 2012

Wooden Spool Necklaces

Coach Poppy Perfume Spool Necklace
Wood Spool Art Nouveau Abstract Altered Spool Necklace
Wooden Spool Necklace - Bohemian Vibe

These three spool necklaces had expired in my Etsy Shop. I decided to revamp them before re-listing them. I added the smaller spools to the arrangement and wrapped them with the fibers that had previously been tied directly to the chain.

I like how the necklaces turned out. Hopefully, someone who likes quirky jewelry will see them and just have to buy one.

Cat Model?

My cat Hunter decided to get in on the photography session. Actually, he just likes the burlap base I use for photos. If I wanted him to pose like that, he would not do so gracefully.

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