Friday, May 4, 2012

How to make a Paper Bead Bobby Pin - Paper craft tutorial

finished paper bead bobby pins
Paper beads are easy and inexpensive to make. You can make it an eco friendly craft by using old magazines, catalogs and junk mail. Place the finished bead on an ordinary bobby pin and you can add some fun and flair to your hair.


paper source ( magazines, catalogs, junk mail)
white glue
skewer or mini straw
paper sealant/varnish
paint brush
dimensional glue (Glossy Accents by Ranger)
bobby pins

Step 1:
Prepare a work area and gather your supplies.

Step 2:
Cut a 8" x 2" rectangular strip from a colorful designed piece of paper. The last 3/4" of the strip is what you will see on your finished bead.

Step 3:
Roll paper strip onto a skewer to produce a tube bead. When you get 3/4" from the end of your rolled strip, apply some white glue. Finish rolling and press the edge down firmly.

Step 4:
Apply a paper sealant to the bead. I brush on a coat of varnish. Let it dry.

Step 5:
Place curved bar of the bobby pin into the bead. Place the glued edge seam of the bead facing down so that it does not show. If the inside of your bead spirals out, tap it on a flat surface and it will slip back inside.

Step 6:
Apply Glossy Accents to seal each end of the paper tube. This will hold the bobby pin in place and keep your paper bead from unfurling. Once the Glossy Accents dries clear and is no longer sticky, your bobby pin is ready to wear in your hair.

I hope you will use these instructions and create your own paper bead hair pins.

view of the bobby pin end

I am submitting this paper beaded bobby pin project to The Green Crafts Showcase for consideration.

Green Crafts Showcase


Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks so much for linking up to this month's Green Crafts Showcase at Crafting a Green World! I love hair accessories so I'm loving this project! It looks pretty simple to make as well! We'll have the features up this Friday so be sure to check back!

-Bonnie @ Crafting a Green World

Lady Mockingbird said...

Congrats on your feature for the green crafts showcase! These are too cute! .. and such a great idea..definitely on my to-do list!


Lady Mockingbird said...

Congratulations on your feature for the green crafts showcase! These are too cute.. and such a great idea! Definitely adding them to my crafty to-do list!


Michele said...