Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brooch - Tangerine Flowers - Handcrafted 3D

The bold tangerine colored flowers on this handcrafted paper brooch are very eye catching. The brooch also has "peek-a-boo" holes, letting you see the lively green design underneath. This colorful pop-up 3D brooch is eco-friendly. The pin was created with recycled and re-purposed materials. This brooch was made from magazine page images, pages from a damaged hardcover book and a cereal box. The design is embellished with three orange seed beads.

The brooch is a 1 5/8" circle. Four different designs have been sewn together and folded to create a dimensional half sphere. It has been sealed for durability and water resistance. A gold 1 1/4" pin back is securely fastened to the back.

These paper brooches are inexpensive and somewhat easy to make. See my sidebar and click on the Cut Out + Keep "how to make a 3D brooch" link. You can use any paper sources you have available to design your own paper brooch.

If you are enamored with this design, it is listed in my Etsy shop.

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